Who Are Your Friends?

One of my wise friends, and sisters in Christ, recently made the comment that people too readily use the term “friend” to define their relationship with others. In a culture filled with Facebook friends and Instagram followers, her insight encouraged me to take a moment to stop, reflect, and redefine my connection with others. Who are my friends really?

Let’s take work for example – I have coworkers that I regularly call friends. We have the same faith, similar values, lots of crazy shared experiences, and spend time together outside of work. I have cried in front of them, laughed with them, traveled with them, prayed with them, and been encouraged by them. Do they meet my friendship criteria? I would argue that yes, they are true friends, and recognize that I am very fortunate to be able to experience this type of work environment daily.

In terms of my church community, I have been blessed to have female friends who are in the same, or similar, life stage as I am. We share prayer requests and praises, and I enjoy spending time with them weekly. These women celebrate each other’s milestones, accept one another’s differences, seek to love unconditionally, and share their life experiences with one another. These are the friends that I hope to have by my side as we travel from one life stage to another.

Then, there are my friends from years past. My high school friends who were there for me in my darkest of days. Young men and women who became my family during a season of grief and sadness. They attended my father’s funeral, brought me countless meals, prayed with me, distracted me, and built me up. They exemplified the truth found in Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.” After high school we attended different colleges and grew apart. Since my family no longer lives in the town that I grew up in, I do not visit very often. I am also terrible about calling people on the phone to catch up, so I do not speak to them frequently. Unfortunately, I use social media to attempt to maintain our relationships and try to get together with them at least once a year. Regardless, when we do have the opportunity to get together we pick up right where we left off. So many shared memories and a common history forms bonds that are not easily broken. Do you have friends like this?

I have many friends who do not fall into the categories listed above. People who I have met through mutual friends, classes, and organizations, have touched my life and inspired me in countless ways. Our friendship has reached various depths and cannot be discounted. It is difficult to ascertain how each person in my life has contributed to who I am today.

As a middle school counselor, I can attest that some friendships take place for a season. I have students who are friends with each other one day and posting rude comments on social media about one another the next day. Although their immature view of friendship can be humorous, it is not uncommon for adults to build relationships with people based solely on a shared experience or interest for a short period of time. I assert that these relationships can still constitute as friendships, even if they are temporary. In my opinion, there is no minimum length of time that is required for us to be acquainted before I call you a friend.

The Bible is clear that community is a key to healthy living and friends help us “spur one another on toward love and good deeds” (Hebrews 10:24). It is safe to say that friends are important – we need each other.

Tell me about your friends:

  • What are they like?
  • How did you meet?
  • What do you enjoy doing together?

Share this post with one of your friends today and let them know that it made you think of them! 🙂


Why Create a Young Living Independent Distributor’s Facebook Page?

Hello Everyone! I recently wrestled with and created a Young Living Independent Distributor’s Facebook Page.

I am sharing a post on my blog that I wrote specifically for people who accepted my invitation to join this page, because I want to set the record straight.I hope it will answer some questions that you may have, or really to address some things that I often wonder when I get invited to “like” Direct Sales Facebook pages similar to the one that my Facebook Friends have joined.

Whether you join my page, or not, the following questions and answers may help you understand my mindset about selling Young Living.

Why did you create this page?

– I created this page to create some healthy boundaries between my personal Facebook page and my Young Living Facebook page. I want to promote Young Living products through social media, but I do not want to give the impression that Young Living is the most important thing in my life by posting about it regularly on my personal Facebook page.

How often will you post on your Facebook page?

– I plan to post information a few times a week. I will not be posting every day, because I do not want to add more busyness to your already full lives.

What will you post about?

– How to use essential oils, blends of essential oils to target specific concerns, the benefits of essential oils, recipes using essential oils, and DIY gifts created with essential oils. Pretty much anything involving essential oils is fair game!

Do you expect me to purchase something?

– No! I recognize that everyone has different opinions about essential oils. Furthermore, certain factors may prevent people who are interested in essential oils from purchasing them.
– My relationship with each of you is way more important than anything else!

How do I find out more information about Young Living products?

– Come talk to me! Check out the Young Living website, or comment on any of my posts with questions or concerns. You are also welcome to send me a private message at anytime.

Can I try Young Living products?

– Absolutely! I’m happy to provide you with free samples, or essential oil suggestions tailored to your specific needs.
– Just let me know that you are interested by having a conversation with me in person, call me, email me, text me, private message me, or comment below – whatever is easiest for you!

How do I purchase Young Living products and support you at the same time?

– Go to my website at http://bit.ly/Christine_Hards.
– If you have a hard time accessing this link through Facebook, then try to copy and paste it into your Web Browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer).

Why Young Living Essential Oils?

I was first introduced to Young Living Essential Oils during Thanksgiving dinner. A family-friend, and Young Living Independent Distributor, was raving about the benefits of essential oils and encouraging us to smell the different types of oils. My mother-in-love suffers from arthritis in her hands and was encouraged to try “Deep Relief,” a blend of Peppermint, Wintergreen, Dorado Azul, and Helichrysum essential oils that provides a refreshing, cooling sensation. It also comes with a convenient roll-on top, so you can apply it mess free.

deep relief

Needless to say, my mother-in-love was hooked! She signed up to be an Independent Distributor that day, so she could receive the wholesale prices. She ended up saving $8.00 on the “Deep Relief” oil alone.

I was a little more skeptical. I thought that essential oils smelled great and couldn’t argue with the pain relief that my mother-in-love had experienced, but was concerned about the price. Why did they have to be so expensive?

Early on in my research, I watched this Young Living video. I thought that it did a great job advertising the products and sharing a few testimonials, but I thought that the video was truthfully no more than an effective marketing tool – a really good commercial.

Next, I looked into the different quality levels of essential oils and came across this article written by Jade Shutes, an aromatherapy practitioner and Herbalist. In her article, Shutes defines the term “therapeutic grade,” explains the regulatory agencies surrounding essential oils, describes the purpose of GC/MS spec reports, and outlines qualities that consumers should look for in an essential oil supplier.

If you don’t have time to read the article, trust me when I say that Shutes lists quite a few qualities that an essential oil supplier should have and recommends a lengthy assessment process to identify this type of supplier. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Although Shutes has no connection or relationship with Young Living, all of her parameters support Young Living’s policies and procedures. Slowly, my argument against Young Living was starting to fall apart.

Finally, I learned about The Young Living Difference.  Young Living uses high quality ingredients and nothing more. See some examples of their ingredients below:

How Concentrated Are Essential Oils

Since I am hoping to use these essential oils in conjunction with the supplements I received from my doctor at the Natural Health Clinic, I want high quality oils to support my endocrine functioning. Therefore, Young Living sold themselves as my Essential Oil provider.

In order to get the best price on the oils (wholesale price vs. retail price), I joined Young Living as an Independent Distributor (Member #:3761441) and decided to be a part of their Essential Rewards program.

I recently placed my order for my starter kit with diffuser and look forward to sharing my joy upon receiving it in a future post. 🙂

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or would like more information about anything related to this post by emailing me at christine@wordsfortheweary.com. 

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for cosmetic purposes, as well as for their spiritually and emotionally uplifting properties. They are primarily extracted through careful steam distillation but also through cold pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they were extracted.

My Journey Towards Essential Oils:

I have recently been diagnosed with a few hormonal imbalances and issues with my endocrine system. One of my doctor’s suggested a new, expensive treatment to treat the symptoms of my hormonal imbalance, but not the root cause. I was not in favor of this “band-aid” approach and began doing some research of my own. Essential oils came up everywhere I looked (Pinterest, Internet Search Engines, and Friends’ and Families’ Personal Testimonials).

Initially, I thought it was just a coincidence, because essential oils are trending right now. However, with time and more research I learned that essential oils may be just as effective at alleviating some of the symptoms associated with my hormonal imbalances and endocrine issues. One of my favorite introductory posts about essential oils comes from The Rising Spoon.  Check it out!

Note: I do not believe that essential oils have supernatural healing powers. Only God can truly heal. Nevertheless, He has created a multitude of things, including plants, medicines, and treatments, which have medicinal properties and we can use them to seek wellness during our time on earth.

If you have never tried essential oils, then I encourage you to contact me at christine@wordsfortheweary.com. I’d love to share more of my research regarding essential oils with each of you, but I’d prefer for it to be tailored to your individual needs.

Be on the lookout for more posts about my chosen essential oil provider – Young Living, the benefits of essential oils, how-to guides for utilizing essential oils, and essential oil blends for targeted concerns.

The Paleo Diet – Eat Like a What?

My husband and I have been following the Paleo Diet for over a year now. We have lost a few pounds and seen a decrease in digestive issues, but more importantly, we have gained extra energy and muscle mass as a result of following this high protein, low carb diet.

Want to know more? Basically, the Paleo Diet encourages people to cut out grains and dairy. The iconograph below from A Clean Plate explains what it means to “eat like a caveman,” as well as some of the benefits.

What is Paleo

Recently, I have been experiencing some health issues (I’ll share more about this at a later time) and sought guidance from a local Natural Health Clinic. The doctor looked at my blood work and body composition assessment results and said that I was pretty healthy, largely in part to following the Paleo Diet.

As you can tell, I am definitely a fan of the Paleo lifestyle! I recognize that it is not the only healthy eating option out there and it has received its fair share of criticism. Nevertheless, it has worked for us.

The truth is – a single diet (even the Paleo diet) does not work for every person. What has worked for you?

If you want to try the Paleo diet, then stay tuned for my future posts about my meal plans, recipes, and the additional benefits of adopting this lifestyle!