What are Paleo Freezer Meals?

I’m frequently too busy for my own good, which tends to get in the way of my desire to eat Paleo. Hopefully, I’m not alone in that – Can I get an amen?

In an effort to be proactive, I have been pinning various Paleo meals that can be prepped ahead of time, frozen in gallon size plastic bags, and warmed up in my slow cooker.

Over Spring Break, I finally made some time to prep some of the recipes listed on Jam Kat’s post, “Paleo Slow Cooker Freezer Meals,”and Life Made Full’s post, “Paleo Freezer Meals.” These are the recipes that I tried:

*Hawaiian Barbeque Chicken

*Chicken Balsalmic

*Yummy Italian Chicken

*Italian Sausage

*General Tso’s Chicken

*Cilantro Lime Chicken

*Garlic Ginger Beef

It took about 3 hours to grocery shop, prepare all of the ingredients, bag each meal, label it with cooking instructions, and pack in the freezer. I did not take any pictures along the way, but suggest that you check out the previously mentioned blog posts for pictures, if needed.

It has been so convenient to not have to answer the dreaded “What’s for dinner?” question during this busy season at work.

Do you have any Paleo freezer meal recipes that you would like to share? I’m always looking for new ideas.