How Can You Get a Full-Body Workout in 40 Minutes at Home?

We’re all busy, right? If you’re like me, then you’re frequently trying to keep all of your balls in the air and workouts can sometimes become an after thought.

On my busiest days when I find time for my workout, I work my way through a POPSUGAR Fitness video, like the ones listed below:

*40-Minute Full-Body Workout

*40-Minute Metabolism Boosting Workout

*40-Minute Bikini Body Workout

*40-Minute Full-Body Workout -Beginner Strength Training

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The only equipment that you’ll need are some 5 to 8 pound free weights, a mat, a towel, and some water. I also like that the exercises are easy to follow and change pretty frequently. Plus, each video is broken into ten minute segments – cardio, core, arms, and legs – and includes a cool down stretch.

Do you have any workouts that you like to do on busy days? I’d love to try them out!