Why Create a Young Living Independent Distributor’s Facebook Page?

Hello Everyone! I recently wrestled with and created a Young Living Independent Distributor’s Facebook Page.

I am sharing a post on my blog that I wrote specifically for people who accepted my invitation to join this page, because I want to set the record straight.I hope it will answer some questions that you may have, or really to address some things that I often wonder when I get invited to “like” Direct Sales Facebook pages similar to the one that my Facebook Friends have joined.

Whether you join my page, or not, the following questions and answers may help you understand my mindset about selling Young Living.

Why did you create this page?

– I created this page to create some healthy boundaries between my personal Facebook page and my Young Living Facebook page. I want to promote Young Living products through social media, but I do not want to give the impression that Young Living is the most important thing in my life by posting about it regularly on my personal Facebook page.

How often will you post on your Facebook page?

– I plan to post information a few times a week. I will not be posting every day, because I do not want to add more busyness to your already full lives.

What will you post about?

– How to use essential oils, blends of essential oils to target specific concerns, the benefits of essential oils, recipes using essential oils, and DIY gifts created with essential oils. Pretty much anything involving essential oils is fair game!

Do you expect me to purchase something?

– No! I recognize that everyone has different opinions about essential oils. Furthermore, certain factors may prevent people who are interested in essential oils from purchasing them.
– My relationship with each of you is way more important than anything else!

How do I find out more information about Young Living products?

– Come talk to me! Check out the Young Living website, or comment on any of my posts with questions or concerns. You are also welcome to send me a private message at anytime.

Can I try Young Living products?

– Absolutely! I’m happy to provide you with free samples, or essential oil suggestions tailored to your specific needs.
– Just let me know that you are interested by having a conversation with me in person, call me, email me, text me, private message me, or comment below – whatever is easiest for you!

How do I purchase Young Living products and support you at the same time?

– Go to my website at http://bit.ly/Christine_Hards.
– If you have a hard time accessing this link through Facebook, then try to copy and paste it into your Web Browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer).